About Us

Chehelsotoon Handicraft Gallery established in 1988 by Hossein Aminipour, the founder, and has been in business ever since. Since 2010 is being managed by Reza Aminipour.  It offers a collection of high quality Iranian Handicrafts.‏

The goal is to represent the rich culture of Persia through a collection of the country’s finest handicrafts.‏

The crafts offered includes :
Turquoise stone dishes,Wood and Bone inlay pieces (Khatam), Metal enamelware (Meenakari),Metal works (Ghalam-Zani),Silver-plated plates,Clay potteries,Silver and metal accessories,Hand woven Termeh,Fine framed rugs ,Other works.

Chehelsotoon Handicraft Gallery is a proud sponsor of local handicraft artists throughout the  country in collaboration with government and non-government entities and also export throughout the world.